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CYNOS Deep Care Mask
CYNOS Deep Care Mask
CYNOS Deep Care Mask Net: 250ml+15ml*2

CYNOS Deep Care Mask (Cream): Rich in keratin and VITs, which replenish, rejuvenate, and revive damaged hair squama, leaving hair with a full, shiny and resilient finish.

CYNOS Deep Care Essence (Oil): Could reinforce hair shaft and help rebalance hairs PH level for a soft, shiny and healthy finish.

1.Shampoo and towel dry.
2.Mix 3.5-4 ml of CYNOS DEEP CARE ESSENCE (Oil) to every 60-65 ml of CYNOS DEEP CARE MASK (CREAM). 
3.Apply the mixed hair mask to the hair, put on the plastic cap
4.Heat for 15 minutes, and cool for 5-10 minutes
5.Rinse and stylel.

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