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CYNOS Protein Replenisher - PPT
CYNOS Protein Replenisher - PPT
CYNOS Protein Replenisher - PPT Net: 200ml

CYNOS PPT is rich in wheat protein, can easily infiltrate into hair cortex, replenish hair with needed nutrition. It helps restore very distressed hair achieve wonderful perming results. Can mixes with perm lotion or color cream when perming or coloring. Also can be a pretreatment before perming service.

Apply a suitable amount  of CYNOS Protein Replenisher - PPT to the damaged place before cold wave, and then process the perming procedures. In the time of perming and dyeing, the ratio of perm lotion and color cream is 1:15. It can be used with conditioning products.

Professional Tips: 
1.For extremely damaged (Bleached hair) mix 100ml CYNOS LPP with 1 bottle (15ml) of CYNOS PPT and apply on toweled dry hair. Apply heat and process for 20 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. Style as desired.
2.For delicate bleach process, mix 3 parts bleach powder, 1 part LPP with 6 parts developer of appropriate strength.
3.For Digital or Heat waves: apply LPP on the damaged parts of the hair before applying softening lotion, reapply LPP on damaged parts before winding rods.

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