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Bcharm Argan Spa Waving Kit
Bcharm Argan Spa Waving Kit
Bcharm Argan Spa Waving Kit

Net: 300ml×2 + 25ml×2 e 10.1 fl.oz.×2 + 0.84 fl.oz.×2

Contains Argan oil with added wheat proteins
Pre-treatment conditioner to give protection on hair before perming
Prevents dryness and curls are defined with softness

Cynos specially designed formula for damaged hair fibers with our new pre-treatment conditioner which preserves hair strength & health. This revolutionary formula contains Moroccan argan oil considered as the “liquid gold” that comprises essential vitamin E, fatty acids and carotenes. These ingredients further protect, repair, and nourish hair before, during and after waving process, ensuring hair with remarkable curl texture that is soft-to-touch!


Rich with hydrolyzed protein and conditioning polymer, it fills up the cavities inside the hair’s shaft reducing damage during perming process. Wheat proteins boost hair strength prior to waving procedure.

1. Shampoo hair and towel dry.
2. Apply Pre-treatment directly on hair, comb through evenly and leave on hair. (Note: Do not mix with waving lotion.)
3. Section hair and apply wave lotion (Dose 1) from ends up to 1-2cm away from scalp.
4. Take a test curl every 5 to 10 minutes. After processing is complete, rinse and towel dry.
5. Wrap as desired and heat for 8 minutes. Wait for 5 minutes and heat for another 8 minutes. For different hair types, heating temperature will be different. For slightly damaged hair, heat at 125℃ for the first time, and 130℃ for the second time; for intermediately damaged hair, 120℃ for the first time and 125℃ for the second time; for seriously damaged hair, 100℃ for the first time and 105℃ for the second time.
6. When the hair cools down, apply 2/3 of the neutralizer (Dose 2) to each rod evenly and let it process for 7 minutes, apply the rest of the neutralizer, leave on for another 7 minutes, then rinse and blow dry.
7. Style as desired.

2. Avoid contact with eyes. Rinse eyes immediately if product comes in contact with them.
3. Keep out of reach of children.

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