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Vertu Acid Wave
Vertu Acid Wave
Vertu Acid Wave
Net: 100ml*2+15ml

The self-adjusting function of Vertu Acid Wave makes hair healthier and more elastic. The unique formula meets the needs of different hair types, equalizing curl degree from root to tip. Minimizes hair damage.

1. Before using, pour Dose 1a into the Dose 1 (when mixed, use immediately)
2. When the perm procedure is finished, remember to rinse mixture with warm water. After towel drying hair, Neutralize with Dose 2 for 10 minutes.
3. Rinse thoroughly, style as desired.

Important Note:
For Dose 1a, do not contact with skin or scalp before mixing with Dose 1. 

Category: Vertu/CYNOS

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