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Vertu Herbal Cystein Wave(Cream State)
Vertu Herbal Cystein Wave(Cream State)

Vertu Herbal Cystein Wave
Net: 100ml*2

Infused with natural cysteine extract, Vertu Herbal Cystein Wave effectively prevents hair scorch, rupture and split ends, giving hair moisture, shine and elasticity. This waving cream is so versatile that it creates superb long-lasting curls you want. Depending on the size of perm rods you use, you can have tight curls, soft waves or overall body and volume.

It’s recommended to have this process done by professional hairstylists.
1. Shampoo hair and blow to almost dry.
2. Spread intenerate cream on hair where far from scalp 1-2cm.
3. Check effect after 15minutes, with the standard that every shaft drawed out 1-2 times longer and if it rolled on finger without rebound (if the shaft broken when drawing, that means it isn't intenerated enough, or the hair belongs to rebellious hair. Reintenerate if needed).
4. Rinse and blow dry hair when intenerate enough.
5. Choose suitable perm stick, heat for 20 minutes, take off the stick and spread suitable volume of finalize lotion/cream on hair, leave on hair for 15minutes (heat 3-5minutes for rebellious hair if needed).
6. Take off perm stick and rinse hair.

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