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Vertu Nano Ceramic Perm
Vertu Nano Ceramic Perm
Vertu Nano Ceramic Perm
Net: 300ml+400ml

Vertu Nano Ceramic Perm is formulated with the latest Nano Technology which delivers near neutral, true to rod wave patterns. It protects and improves the integrity of the hair structure during the heat wave process. Cystein acids, the basis of protein from which hair is made, help to give elastic curl and long lasting condition, even on heavily processed hair types. Furthermore, Nano Ceramic Perm’s unique ingredients maintain and even improve the condition with increased bounce and shine. No thio odor. Nano Ceramic Perm can be used with CYNOS LPP Treatment for more bouncy, shiny curls.

1. Shampoo hair and towel dry.
2. Spread softening lotion/cream onto hair 1-2cm away from scalp.
3. Check effect after 15minutes, with the standard that every shaft stretched out 1-2 times longer and if it rolled on finger without rebound (if the shaft brakes when stretching, that means it isn't softened enough, or the hair belongs to rebellious hair. Resoften if needed).
4. Rinse and blow dry hair when softened enough.
5. Choose suitable perm rods, Apply heat for 20 minutes. (120℃ - 180℃)
6. Cool for 5 minutes, apply neutralizer to rods and process for 15 minutes.
7. Take off perm rods and rinse hair.
8. Style as desired

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