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Vertu Nano Energy Wave
Vertu Nano Energy Wave
Vertu Nano Energy Wave
Net: 120ml*2

Vertu Nano Energy Wave contains abundant natural cysteine extracts which effectively prevent scorch, repture and split ends, leaving the hair healthy, shiny and natural. It provides superb, elastic and long-lasting curls from root to tip. Vertu Nano Energy Wave is so versatile that it creates the exact style you want depending on the wave rods you choose. You can have tight curls, soft waves or all over body and volume.

1. Shampoo first, towel dry hair till 85 percent.
2. Choose the Dose.1 intenerating dose suitable to hair, then spray it onto the hair section by section. (1/2 cm from the scalp)
3. Check whether the intenerating degree is enough after 10 minutes-----hair could be lengthened to one to twice longer. And it could be circulated around the finger and will not rebound. (if hair breaks when lengthened, it means the hair is not intenerated enough. If hair is very difficult to intenerate after 40 minutes, clean hair first and re-intenerate)
4. Clean hair at once when the intenerating is reached.
5. Towel dry the hair and choose the suitable hair rods according the different requirement of hair style, and then heat for 20-25 minutes.
6. Apply Dose.2 evenly onto the rods for 15 minutes after cooling down.
7. Remove the hair rods; shampoo hair and style as desired.

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