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Vertu Rapid Protein Wave
Vertu Rapid Protein Wave
Vertu Rapid Protein Wave
Net: 100ml*2

The brand-new Vertu Rapid Protein Wave  lotion is specially formulated with Vitamin B5, a natural rejuvenating ingredient which restores hair nutrition and makes hair healthier, greatly minimizes the risk of hair damage caused by chemical treatment and helps you to have natural, elastic and long-lasting curls. Heating is not necessary when processing.

Especially for rebellious hair
1. Shampoo hair first and towel dry, choose the suitable hair rods. Apply the first dose of Vertu Rapid Protein Wave after winding the hair rods. The first dose must be applied twice. First is 1/3, second is 2/3. According to different temperature, process in room temperature for 8-10 minutes.
2. Check the curl of the hair.
3. Rinse hair with warmer water after the dose 1 is done. Towel dry.
4. Apply the second dose, stay for 15 minutes. The application is divided twice. First apply 2/3, stay for 7 minutes. Second apply 1/3, stay for 7 minutes as well. When time is enough, remove the rods and rinse. Apply the conditioner after shampooing hair. Style as usual.

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